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NUR Power

NUR Power Sdn. Bhd. ("NUR Power") is Malaysia's first Independent Power Utility ("IPU") granted exclusive rights to sell electricity to customers in Kulim Hi-Tech Industrial Park ("KTHP"), Kedah commencing in May 1996. The NUR Power Group owns, operates and maintains a 220MW combined cycle gas turbine plant in KHTP. NUR Power also built and maintains a distribution grid inside the KHTP, as well as the provision of electricity supply to the customers and residences within KHTP. The power plant is sited within an area of about 115 acres in KHTP. The site is sufficient to cater for future expansion generation capacity.


reliable   quality   energy

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NUR Power at the kulim hi-tech park provides energy to cutting edge industries and power to your homes

Energy providers around the globe are operating in a whole new world with everything and everyone being increasingly connected. Energy consumers are embracing innovative technologies and taking on new roles ; as buyers and users of energy. NUR Power understands the utilities industry is undergoing a fundamental, unprecedented transformation. Devices are getting smarter and consumers' worlds are becoming more digitally connected. NUR Power will embrace the challenges and opportunities unleashed through digital and as a first step will be selecting strategic digital business models for the future, and changing the organizational mindset to break down on traditional operating models and methods.

Our objectivity and adaptability as a utilities provider will help deliver on the diverse expectations and needs of our industrial, commercial, SMEs and residential consumers.

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what inspired the Geometrics in our logo

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NUR Power Logo is created from Geometric Islamic arabesque art and its circular configuration depicts the world. Within the design are embodied squares and circles to imbue a sense of dynamism, diversity yet connectivity within the many subsidiaries of the NUR Power company.

These interlinked lines also indicate the close links that NUR Power has with its customers and communities within the Kulim Hi-Tech Park. An Eight pointed star in the middle emits energy and glows - representing power. Warm colours combination in shades of red, orange and yellow has parallel emphasis on energy harnessing and that of a glowing light.

The sans serif NUR Logotype is specially crafted to reflect that of a modern and dynamic company. Its bold emphasis to give a sense of strength and stability, yet subtly and carefully styled to denote understated sophistication.

improving communities

We understand the commitment people have to their local communities, because among us are also men and women who lives in this high-tech park.

Our commitment is not only providing efficient and round-the-clock quality energy to commercial and industrial players within the hi-tech park, but also to ensure the residences living in this community benefits by being a part of this privileged arrangement. We invest in leadership and partnerships that build both the human and physical infrastructure of our communities, thereby contributing to our area's economic well-being. You will see our employees volunteer in every level of their communities - from civic involvement to youth recreation. They involve themselves in healthy outdoor endeavours and participate in conservation activities to ensure a better community for tomorrow, to foster a quality lifestyle.

customer oriented

Payments can be made in person, at our Payment Counter located in our administration building in the KHTP. There are also Customer Service personnel who can assist should you have any enquiries. Additional payment options like Bank Draft or Credit Card standing instruction, however, can offer even more convenience. Your monthly bill is automatically deducted from your bank or credit card account. It is the most convenient payment method we offer, and you never have to worry about being late with a payment.

Mondays - Fridays 08:00 - 17:00
Saturdays ( 2nd. & 4th. weeks only ) 08:00 - 12:00

Telephone  :        04 4010 100

Doing business with the NUR Power Group

If your company sells competitive priced energy management products, equipments, technology or services of interest to NUR Power Group, complies with our procurement policies and has the required capabilities, you are invited to send us your company profile following the steps described below. If your profile matches our needs we will susequently contact you for further information.


The primary objective of the NUR Power Group company procurement is to obtain value for money through acquisition of works, supplies and services. To meet this objective close attention is given to price factors as well as non-price factors such as whole life cost, quality, quantity, timeliness, maintenance and warranty. The benefits or value from procurement should commensurate with the cost involved and that the best procurement is based on fair, just and reasonable policies, principles, objectives and procedures. Our transparent sourcing methods leave a paper trail of documentation and all procurement information is kept on record.

Please CLICK to view these important criterias :

Other important NUR Power Group policies :

- only purchase good, services, technology and equipment to implement its mandate
- purchase primarily from suppliers and authorised representatives
- evaluates and registers suppliers with which it does businesses
- purchase products that comply with recognised technical standards
- does not purchase from companies found to have undertaken unethical, unprofessional or fraudulent activities

Example of the Category of Services / Equipments / Technologies that we sought :

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N.U.R. POWER sdn bhd ( 807660 - K )

Head Office :
t    + 60 3 8082 3131 / 3111
f    + 60 3 8080 3106

Map / Directions

Operations :
t    + 60 4 401 0100
f    + 60 4 401 0156

Map / Directions

For Enquiries please email to us : cs@nur.com.my

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