Notice of Quotation (RFQ)

A purchase request (PR) shall be raised by the requestor for purchases including maintenance contract, services, spares, machineries, goods and materials with an aggregate value in excess of RM300. Procurement department will then proceed to seek quotations (RFQ) from the recommended and approved suppliers which may be able to supply the required goods or services. All RFQ for goods or services shall be requested either by using RFQ form or price breakdown format. The submission and communication shall be through email (preferable), fax or postage. The potential suppliers may be also be invited for a site visit depending on the type of purchase to have a better understanding on the SOW prior to the submission of quotation.

Upon completion of quotation submission, Procurement department and the requestor will evaluate the proposal by each supplier. Based on the best offer and once the award has been agreed and finalized by NUR, the process to raise the PO to the awarded supplier shall be done.

Notice of Tender (RFQ)

For any purchase with a value above RM200,000 inclusive of (SST), a formal Tender will be sought. However, for any purchase which has the approximate value of RM200,000 the possibility of several price submissions or purchase values at slightly below and above RM200,000 may occur. As such, the conditions listed below will apply :

a. In the event the amount of purchase is uncertain and expected to be around RM200,000 a Request For Quotation ( RFQ ) will be issued to the potential contractor or supplier. If at least one of the contractor submitted less than RM200,000 and technically has been approved for the project and proposed to be awarded, the purchase process can be proceeded as normal quotation process without going through a tender. However, if bidders who quoted less than RM200,000 do not comply with technical requirements or scope of work or all bidders bid more than RM200,000 then a tender shall be executed and the latest price will be re-submitted through submission process.

b. In the event the amount of tender is expected to be more than RM200,000 and the tender has been issued. During the tender opening, it is found that at least one of the tenderer quoted less than RM200,000 a tender evaluation shall be executed thoroughly. If the tenderer who quoted less than RM200,000 has passed the evaluation and is recommended for the purchase, the tender process can be lifted and the subsequent purchase process is based on normal quotation process. Likewise, if the tenderer who quoted less than RM200,000 do not comply with technical requirement, scope of work or not being recommended, a tender shall be resumed until the end of the process.